5 Reasons Why You Should Not Have Your Furnace Serviced Repaired

shutterstock_85647835-300x200The chill claws of winter are gripping much of the Colorado, and the Denver Metro area. Millions of home furnaces are waking from their summer snooze and humming back to life. Yet, there are people who ignore their heating furnaces. They do not have heating furnace repair done, or are lax about regular maintenance. On the surface this seems like a foolish decision, or perhaps just laziness. Surprisingly, however, there are some actual reasons that people might- might, we say- purposely do the regular heating furnace repair. Read on, and you might be surprised and enlightened.

1. Not having the heating furnace repair done is the first step in setting up an indoor North Pole Expedition 2014 Training Center. The potential Arctic explorer will find that surviving in the paralyzing cold, in his own home no less, is an excellent way to acclimate for the temperatures there, which range from 40 below to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Letting water freeze in a bathtub provides a training spot to learn how to ice-fish, a skill he’ll need in order to supplement the daily expedition rations.

2. The homeowner who has extreme sympathy for her local utility company, coupled with feeling of helplessness about how to assist them now has a solution. She can decline to do her heating furnace repair. This will cause her heating bill go to way up and, in effect, allow her to contribute oodles of money to said local utility company without putting the company in the somewhat awkward position of soliciting donations. The lack of hearing furnace repair saves the day!

3. Let’s face it, there is just never enough time in the day to get the kids to their plethora of sports practices, music lessons and fun activities. The smart homeowner will skip his heating furnace repair, get out the garden hose, and spray a frozen surface right onto his hardwood floored great room. Voila! Instant ice-skating and hockey rink! The kids will stay happily busy in the icy great room for hours, with no need for dad to put extra miles on the family station wagon.

shutterstock_1272480-225x3004. Ice hotels are an icy-hot trend these days. An enterprising homeowner can turn her own abode into a money making proposition by deciding to not have her heating furnace repair done, then letting nature take its course. Before long she will have the uber-trendy ice-couch, ice-bed, and ice-bath along with ice-floors and ceilings dwelling. Tourists accustomed to flocking to Norway and Iceland for this experience will be able to save on airfare and simply drive to Ms. Chill’s Polar Pad for a weekend of icicles and frost.

5. Who doesn’t love a big fireworks show? Why restrict them to the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve? The forward thinking homeowner can fore go having his gas powered heating furnace repair done. After a short period of time sufficient gas fumes will build up in the enclosed home. Then, with the striking of just a small match and he will create a lights and explosion show that the Littleton won’t soon forget.

So, there are just a few well thought out, (or maybe just slightly thought about, in passing), reasons to neglect the heating furnace repair this year.  The really ambitious homeowner could open an indoor hockey rink for the neighborhood kids, along with that dreamed of ice-hotel. Skipping the heating furnace repair covers both improvements. Who knows, two stupid ideas might even cancel one another out!

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