Denver Furnace Maintenance

When you think about your home, how often does your furnace come to mind?  Typically, we only think about our furnace when it doesn’t work, because hey, why would it be on top of our minds?  It’s just a furnace, right?  It’s the unit down in our basement that heats our home on a cold winter night, or keeps your infants room at just the right temperature.

In Denver and Littleton, we get our cars serviced every 3,000 miles. So why are we not having our furnace serviced?  We know that we need to make sure that our cars have the appropriate amounts of fluids, and that everything is working properly, and that they are nice and clean.  We need to be more proactive on our furnace maintenance.

Regardless of what brand name furnace you have, furnace maintenance is extremely important to maintain the longevity and efficiency of you furnace, and quite possibly the warranty of the furnace.  Typically your furnace needs to be serviced in the fall, and the air conditioner needs to be serviced in the spring.

If a heating or cooling system is malfunctioning there are many reasons why.  The flame sensor may be out, you could have a faulty thermostat, or the blower motor on your furnace could be so dirty that it just gave up.

ugly furnace - southwest heating & coolingDirt is most likely the culprit.  Think about the air filter in your car it gets extremely dirty in just a few short months.  You may be good about changing your filters, however there are many other components to maintaining your furnace.  A basic preventative furnace maintenance plan would be the first step.  A preventative furnace maintenance plan will get you on track to increasing the longevity of your furnace.

A basic furnace safety inspection will typically cost around $89.  This type of furnace inspection will check the most basic safety items on your furnace.

A typical basic furnace safety inspection will include the following items:

Cycle furnace at thermostat
Disconnect blower motor and check safeties at furnace
Carbon Monoxide test in airstream with calibrated meter, and read the PPM (Parts Per Million)
Check Flue
Check for gas leaks
Check and clean filter.

*Replacement filter is an additional charge

The first thing your service technician will perform at the start of you furnace maintenance visit the will cycle the furnace at the thermostat that basically means that your service technician will set your thermostat to a particular temperature and ensure that your furnace turns on and reaches the temperature set.  Your service technician will also check to make sure that the furnace shuts off once it reaches temperature.

The next step in furnace maintenance is to disconnect the blower motor and check safeties in the furnace.  Within the furnace there are multiple safeties.  The safety is protection for the homeowner as well as protection for your furnace.  The blower motor pushes the air through the furnace.  Restricted airflow will cause the furnace to shut down, by way of one or more safeties.  If one of the safeties is malfunctioning, the furnace could overheat, which could ultimately cause the furnace to possibly catch fire, and/or cause serious damage.

Another furnace maintenance issue that you may come across is carbon monoxide.  First, you should call Xcel Energy right away.  If carbon monoxide is leaking, then you will need to shut down your furnace immediately and call your Denver HVAC contractor right away.  Your HVAC contractor will get you set up as soon as possible to find out where the monoxide is leak is coming from.  The service technician will either fix the leak, or if the furnace is not repairable, then your HVAC contractor with help you make a good decision on what furnace will work within you families needs. This is why it is important to have your furnace maintenance on a regular schedule.

The next step is to check the flue.  The flue is the pipe that pushes the exhaust from the furnace to the outdoors.  In most furnace models, the combustion products are induced through a blower.  These combustion products contain carbon monoxide, and other dangerous compounds; this is why it is imperative to have the flue checked, because carbon monoxide may be leaking into your home.

Another important component of your furnace maintenance is to check for gas leaks.  This is important, because as stated previously any leaks can cause harmful compounds to leak into your home, which could cause sickness and even death.

The final component of a furnace safety inspection is to check and clean the filter.  The service technician will clean or change the filter as part of the furnace maintenance.  If the filter is dirty this will also cause airflow to become restricted.  If the airflow is restricted this will cause the safety to turn the furnace off.  If your furnace filter is old, then the service technician will advise the homeowner that they can replace the furnace filter at an additional cost.

Overall, it is important to the safety of your family and home to have your furnace serviced.  The furnace heats your home, and can be a very dangerous appliance.  If the furnace is not maintained properly, it could possibly cause fire, sickness, and even death.  Make sure that your family and home is safe by having your furnace serviced on a regular schedule, just like your car.