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Year-Round Performance for Total Home Comfort

Providing year-round performance for total home comfort, heat pumps are a great solution for your home comfort system. That’s because they work to provide both heating and cooling. Whether it’s the hottest day of the summer, or the coldest day of winter, Trane heat pumps work day in and day out to keep your family in premium comfort.

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Heat Pumps are becoming more and more popular in our general area. They heat your home using the refrigerant (same refrigerant as the air conditioner) to absorb the heat out of the air outside and transfer it to your air conditioner coil on top of your furnace. So the indoor coil becomes a hot coil instead of cold like in the air conditioner season. A heat pump is a combination system; it is a first stage heater for your home and an air conditioner combined. We still need a forced air furnace for your back up heating system. The heat pump really can only heat down to roughly thirty degree outdoor temperature in our altitude. Like newer air conditioner’s the heat pumps come in single stage and two stage operations. Call us today to get a free estimate (303) 647-4190.

Types of Heat Pumps

Ultra Efficiency Units

XL20i Heat Pumps

The ultimate in year-round comfort Imagine twelve months of total and complete comfort from the hottest days to the coldest nights. It’s designed to perfectly cool your home in the summer and perfectly heat it in the winter..Read More

XL16i Heat Pumps

Whether its hot or mild, the Trane XL16i offers flexible family comfort. With two-stage cooling and heating, your home will always be comfortable, even in rooms that have proved hard to cool in the past…Read More

Super Efficiency Units

XL15i Heat Pump

Total comfort at any temperature The XL15i is built to provide your family with durable, consistent comfort for every day of the year. Its low operating costs make it a wise choice for your total home comfort needs. Plus, the XL15i is the quietest of all our single-speed heat pumps…Read More

High Efficiency Units

XR15 Heat Pump

Total comfort without compromise No matter the weather, a Trane heat pump makes your life more comfortable. Not only does the XR15 meets and exceeds Energy Star requirements, but it also meets the federal energy-efficiency tax credits. You’l love its performance, dependability and cost-cutting energy efficiency…Read More

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