Save Energy Today with a New Furnace Installation in Littleton, Colorado

Now that the weather is warming up in Colorado, it’s a great time to replace your heating unit. At Southwest Heating & Cooling, we are ready to make your new furnace installation a smooth, worry-free experience. Your comfort needs will be met, as we replace your old furnace with either a Two-stage heating or Modulating furnace. Both mean a more even, precise temperature at any time of day throughout your entire home. You may have questions about the differences between a Two-stage furnace and a Modulating furnace. If so, see below for the strongpoints of each and feel free to reach out to one of our experts at Southwest Heating & Cooling to answer any questions you may have regarding installation and your choice of furnace.

Modulating Furnace – When choosing a modulating furnace, it is worthwhile to know that the heat increases or decreases incrementally so that room temperature never rises or falls below half a degree from the thermostat’s target temperature. In the beginning of the day, the furnace starts at a higher level and blower level. As enough heat is built up throughout the house, the furnace ramps down for an extended period of time. As temperatures fall, the modulating furnace will slowly increase for the highest level of comfort and energy savings. It circulates lower amounts of heat throughout your house, but more frequently. Heat is circulated and the noise emanating from the heater is far quieter. Thanks to the modulating furnace turning on and off at different interval while keeping the room temperature very close to your target temperature, the comfort level in your home remains perfect. There are no drastic dips or peaks whatsoever. Modulating furnaces produce a long-term cost benefit, saving you money over time as less energy is used to operate the furnace effectively. They are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Their resale value is also a factor, as homebuyers are more than happy to consider a modulating furnace as an asset in their buying choice.

Two-Stage Furnace – This furnace choice includes electronic controls that allow the heat setting to be on at either a high and low setting depending on the level of heat required. The low setting is adequate for meeting household heating demands 80% of the time, meaning the Two-Stage unit runs for longer periods providing an even heat distribution and saving money at the same time. Longer and low capacity operation can result in consistent comfort; thanks to temperature regulation throughout the home. A Two-Stage heating unit is relatively quiet in the low setting. There is no sudden blast of air at the start. Low-speed operation allows filters to grab different contaminants to make for cleaner breathing. When operating the unit at the low stage, it uses less fuel than a standard furnace, saving you money and being less of an energy drain.

If you are in the market to upgrade your furnace this year, now is the best time to make the switch and avoid rising energy costs. With temperatures climbing once again, it’s ideal for making a heating change. Contact the experts at Southwest Heating & Cooling and start saving on energy costs today!