Spring Cleaning Means a Spring AC Tune Up in Littleton, Colorado

Spring is in the air with Summer soon to follow. The last thing anyone wants is to discover an issue with their cooling unit in the heat of summer. This makes Spring the perfect time for service on all cooling systems. Contact Southwest Heating & Cooling today for a consultation. We will thoroughly examine your current cooling solution to ensure that it will be working properly in the summer months. Here in Colorado, we know that temperatures fluctuate regularly. As temperatures rise, so will your need for a cooling system operating at peak levels of performance. This will result in lower electrical costs in the long run.

When a cooling unit is not operating properly, it may drain energy, bringing that bill up while the temperature of your home goes down. Contact us today and will be perform the following:

  • Run a test on start-up – Your air conditioning has been dormant for months while winter brought incredibly low temperatures to the Denver area. Testing the start up of your cooling unit is critical to have confidence in its summer performance.
  • Ensure that safety controls are performing as expected – This test is important, as safety is paramount with your cooling system.
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure – The pressure of your unit’s refrigerant determines how effective it will be in cooling your home or business down quickly.
  • Check refrigerant levels and top off as needed – In turn, having the proper level of refrigerant is the key to optimal unit performance. Too little and it will take twice the energy and time to cool down your living space, resulting in higher electric bills. We will be sure that your refrigerant levels are within range for the best possible Summertime performance.
  • Test airflow – The flow of air from your unit to the inside of your home is determined by the cooling unit. Having proper airflow cuts down on electric costs and maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night.
  • Test cooling temperature – The temperature of both the unit and its output is important to test for preventative care.
  • Test condenser coils and remove debris if necessary – The condenser coils often attract dirt and debris. This build up can negatively effect the performance of your cooling unit. These both require proper maintenance to keep clean and functional.
  • Inspect the compressor and fan to determine their performance – Both the compressor and fan are the key elements of keeping your home or business cool when temperatures rise. Maintaining their performance is necessary to avoid high electric costs. Inspection and cleaning (if necessary) are necessary to keep them in running order.
  • Lubricate any parts as needed – Friction within the interior of your cooling unit can cause damage to the unit. During our inspection, necessary parts will be lubricated to maintain proper unit performance.
  • Test all electrical connections – Your electrical connections must be tested for performance of the unit to remain high.
  • Inspect filters and replace as needed – Filters maintain clean air circulation throughout your home or business. Inspection of the filters is an essential part of our Spring Cleaning and Maintenance. We recommend that filters be changed every Spring.

The importance of maintenance on your cooling unit is paramount to enjoying a healthy, happy season in the comfort of your own home. We recommend that the air filter in your unit be changed. This promotes proper air flow and removes possible contaminants from your cooling system. Likewise, clearing off the condenser only helps to maintain the proper inside temperature throughout the year. Preventative maintenance also extends the lifespan of your unit, saving you money in the long run. Contact Southwest Heating & Cooling today to set up a Spring Maintenance appointment!