Summer Maintenance Tips for Your System

As the weather heats up, there are several quick tricks you can perform not only to keep your home or business cool, but also to keep your unit energy efficient. The most reliable one is to have an annual check up on your units, but these quick tips can be performed on your own.

1. Changing / Cleaning the Air Filter – Cleaning out your air filter can lower your cooling unit’s energy consumption by up to 15%. That’s a lot of energy! Consider changing the filter the next time I speak with someone.

2. Clean the out the area around the outdoor unit – Keeping plant life at least two feet away from the unit is ideal for maintaining proper usage. If plants are too close to the unit, they may interfere with daily operation. Keeping the outdoor unit clear of debris is a practice that should be utilized all year round.

3. Set Thermostat to your ideal temperature – Don’t go much lower than your comfort zone. If the unit is doing its job, it will bring the temperature of the entire home down quickly.

4. Consider a programmable thermostat – Saving energy with a programmable thermostat is a fantastic alternative to the guessing game. Being able to program certain temperatures for certain times of the day is helpful in this endeavor. You could even control your temperature from a smartphone.

5. Seal Heating & Cooling Ducts – Make sure all doors and windows are locked down to seal any outside forces from getting in.

Consider upgrading your unit this summer. As temperatures rise, it’s easy to forget how hard your unit was working during the winter months. If your unit is older, you might want to consider purchasing a new system. It would result in 40% less energy exertion. Installing the unit in the shade would be ideal. It may allow your unit to operate 10% more efficiently.

Keeping your family cool this summer is our goal! Contact us today for additional tips on how to prepare for the summer heat. We’d be happy to schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure that everything is running in tip-top shape. If any issues arise during the season, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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