Tips for Keeping Cool as Temperatures Rise in Littleton, Colorado

Repairing or replacing your cooling system can be disruptive, but not if you take care of it before the stifling summer heat keeps you indoors for some form of relief.  Consider your options with Southwest Heating & Cooling today while outdoor temperatures are still bearable.  In the meantime, consider these helpful tips on keeping your home cool with efficiency in mind!

1. Ventilate – Reaching for the thermostat isn’t the only way to keep cool on a hot day.  Consider switching on the ceiling fan for cross breeze or keeping a local fan in each room.  It will keep energy costs down and provide instant relief when the air is stifling and opening a window is not an option.

2. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean – Removing debris from the outdoor compressor increases air circulation throughout the unit and your home.  This will cool your home more efficiently while utilizing less energy to bring temperatures down in a hurry.

3. Air duct Insulation – Are you finding the air ducts to carry a draft?  It is possible that they may need additional insulation for the most efficient use of the system.  Properly insulated air ducts are critical to the circulation of air throughout your home in the most efficient manner.

4. Keep Your Thermostat Set – Maintaining a regular indoor temperature is ideal.  When lowering the temperature significantly upon arrival home, the unit must work harder to reach that temperature, effectively increasing the usage of energy significantly.  Consider keeping the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night.

5. Block off Unused Rooms – Even simply closing doors keeps the cool air localized throughout your home.  If everything has a constant flow of air, your unit has to work harder to get each room balanced.  Consider how much less it will need to work if each room is cooled on its own until your entire home hits that ideal temperature.  This will save both energy and keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

6. Shade – Something as simple as closing the curtains on sunny, hot days can maintain a cooler temperature throughout your home.  This will negate the unit having to run constantly throughout the day to maintain your ideal temperature, offering a cool, pleasant experience upon arrival after a long, hard workday.

If this is the year your cooling unit needs replacement or maintenance, now is the time to reach out.  Don’t wait until summer brings unbearable heat to bring us in to help you find relief.  Regular maintenance is key to keeping your home cool and energy efficient, year-round.  Our expert technicians will be happy to guide you on any decision-making on choosing a cooling system, any necessary replacement issues, or even on simple tips to keep your home cool without overworking your unit.   Don’t forget to check our Special Offers page for deals on service, installation, units, and regular maintenance.  These offers are subject to change, so check them and check in often.   Contact us today for more details!

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