Water Heater Installation & Maintenance

Hot water is essential to our everyday actions. Just think how life would be without the ability to take a hot shower, wash your laundry, or clean dishes in the sink! Immediate hot water has become the expectation and the norm, so when problems arise with the water heater, it can bring everything to a screeching halt. Heating water for use throughout the home makes up for a large part of monthly energy billing. Thankfully, there are options which are both cost effective and energy reducing.

When shopping around for a new water heater, consider your family’s needs and usage. If your family is large and hot water becomes scarce throughout the day, a tankless water heater is a viable option. Here are Southwest Heating & Cooling, we offer tankless heaters which make it possible for members of your family to take a shower, do the dishes, and run a load of laundry all at the same time! Some days are busier than others and your time is valuable. Better still, our tankless water heaters actually save energy over traditional heaters. Water is heated only when needed, reducing the cost of keeping a large body of water hot and waiting for whenever the family needs it. Additional advantages to tankless heaters include:

20+ year lifespan – That’s twice the length of a traditional tank water heater!
– High efficiency – less energy is utilized, as the unit powers down unless hot water is needed for your home. This is an on-demand system and with that service comes the ability to save on energy utilization.
Reliability – With that on-demand status comes reliability. Have hot water when you want it and use as much as you need. There is no finite time limit on using hot water.
Space savings – Think of all of the space saved now that a tank is no longer necessary. That space can now be used for storage or become part of a larger entertaining area.

Regardless of advantages, a tankless heater isn’t for every home. Some prefer a traditional tank water heater. With a traditional water heater, maintenance is critical to ensure that it is functioning properly. The water heater has enough moving parts to require a yearly check up. Some may wear out, while others continue functioning as designed and it helps to discover issues early rather than end up in a position where the water heater is not working at all. Safety is the number one concern with routine maintenance. Should there be a part failure with the water heater, dangerous situations arise such as flooding and even an explosion. For just $19 more, you can add a water heater check to your furnace and A/C tune up schedule.

Contact the experts today at Southwest Heating & Cooling for details on how to set up regular maintenance, cost details on tankless water heaters, and more information on replacing your unit. If energy costs are going through the roof, your water heater may be the culprit. We’d be happy to take a look at your water heater, perform tests on its efficiency, and provide estimates on replacement options if necessary.

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