What You Should Know About HVAC Installation in Littleton, CO

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Are you in need of HVAC installation in Littleton, CO? If so, you aren’t alone. Every home needs a working heating and cooling system. If yours is on the blink, let us know. We’ll send an HVAC installer out to help you choose a system and put it into place.

The. HVAC Installation Assessment 

When our HVAC installer visits your home or business, they ask about your current energy usage, whether the existing unit keeps the home at a comfortable temperature, and if there are any concerns about the air quality. The answers to these questions are of great importance when selecting your new HVAC unit.

Once you answer these questions, the technician analyzes the home, the existing HVAC unit, and the ductwork. In certain situations, you need new ductwork as part of the HVAC installation project. Without the new ductwork, the upgraded system won’t work properly.

The technician completes a heat load calculation to determine the system size. They then explain various features you might like to have in the HVAC installation. This may include things such as smart home features or quiet operation.

Using the information they have gathered, the technician recommends one or more systems that best meet your needs. They also share information on discounts, specials, rebates, and financing you may be eligible for. We work to keep the HVAC installation cost low and these are just a few of the ways we can achieve that goal. 

Call Southwest Heating & Cooling at (303) 791-2679 to learn more about our HVAC installation in Littleton, CO. We also offer you the option of filling out our online form found at https://southwestheating.com/request-service/ to schedule a residential or commercial HVAC installation.

Why Is This Assessment Important? 

You might wonder why our technician goes through this process. Can’t they just install a new unit that is the same size as the existing one? While many companies do this, we want to be certain your new HVAC system meets your needs in every way. What can happen when the unit isn’t the correct size for the home? 

When the unit is too small for the home, it runs constantly. This leads to a rise in your energy bills each month. The system struggles to keep the home at the desired temperature, and it won’t last as long because of the wear and tear it experiences while trying to do so. 

If the unit is larger than the home needs, it turns on and off frequently. While the home may cool quickly, the system won’t be able to remove excess moisture from the air. It doesn’t run long enough to do so. The constant starting and stopping also puts additional stress on the system, which shortens its lifespan. 

Why Might You Need an HVAC Installation in Littleton, CO?

Several things may go wrong with an HVAC unit. The main reason, however, these systems fail is a lack of maintenance. You must change the air filters regularly to ensure the unit operates efficiently.

These systems last roughly ten to 25 years. However, as the unit ages, its efficiency declines. In addition, the system may become louder and need frequent repairs. As the owner, you must decide whether to have the system overhauled or invest in a new HVAC system. 

Most homeowners choose to invest in a new HVAC unit because they want to benefit from advancements in the industry. When you reach out to our team, we can send someone out to do the assessment outlined above and provide an estimate for the new HVAC system.

Additional Work

HVAC technicians estimate up to 70 percent of homes would benefit from the installation of new ductwork. Ducts that aren’t sealed correctly and those that lack the correct amount of insulation lead to high energy bills. Treated air never makes it to its destination when these issues are present. 

Talk with the HVAC installer to see if you would benefit from new ductwork or if sealing the ducts and insulating them will increase the energy efficiency of the system. This is one of the HVAC installation services we offer, but we only recommend it when you will see a good return on the investment. When possible, we replace sections of ductwork rather than the entire duct system. 

Air Quality in Littleton, CO

Your new HVAC installation also improves the air quality in the home. We offer a range of products designed to achieve this goal that we can include in your installation project. When you call to request HVAC installation services, ask about our energy recovery ventilators, germicidal lights, and central humidifiers. 

These products work to sterilize and purify the indoor air while bringing fresh air into the home. Airborne allergens become less of a concern when you purchase these products, and the moisture level in the home becomes more consistent. We can include these products in your residential or commercial HVAC installation. All you need to do is ask. 

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The Benefits of an HVAC Installation

With the help of an HVAC installation, your home will remain comfortable all year. You remain cool when the temperature creeps up during the summer months and warm and dry when snow is falling outdoors, which happens often in Littleton. 

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