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Keeping a home safe and comfortable is the goal of every homeowner. Even business owners understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment no matter the temperature outside. For this reason, ensuring the home or business’s HVAC system is running properly is vital. HVAC maintenance in Littleton, CO, can help keep a home or business’s heating and cooling systems running all year long. 

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Professional HVAC Services

Professional technicians are the best option for providing HVAC maintenance for residential or commercial properties for a variety of reasons. These technicians are trained and experienced in providing the right service for almost any type of heating or cooling system a property may have. They are also able to provide the proper HVAC preventative maintenance specified by the manufacturer.

Another benefit of hiring a professional for these services is they can provide a record of each service provided for the system. This record is important for maintaining any warranty on the unit. In addition, many professional technicians offer HVAC maintenance plans. Whether needing commercial or residential services, these plans can help minimize the HVAC maintenance cost.

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The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance in Littleton, CO

There are many benefits of having the proper maintenance performed on a home or business’s heating and cooling systems. The main benefit is to extend the life of the system. Proper maintenance helps to ensure that all parts are running smoothly and are properly lubricated. This service reduces the wear on the unit and prevents premature breakdown of the system. 

Another benefit of HVAC annual maintenance is that it helps keep energy costs low. If the HVAC system is properly maintained, it does not have to work hard and will maintain its proper efficiency. This efficiency helps keep energy costs for heating and cooling the property lower throughout the year. 

Proper maintenance also reduces the need for repairs. Proper care reduces wear on the system and the unit is less likely to break down in the middle of a hot summer or really cold winter. In addition, if issues are found with the system, repairs can be made immediately, preventing further damage to the unit. 

For Homeowners

Every homeowner wants to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their families. This task is managed by ensuring the home’s heating and cooling systems are working as they should. Scheduling an appointment for residential HVAC maintenance is very important for a home’s heating and cooling systems.

Although homeowners can manage these tasks on their own, hiring a professional will ensure nothing is missed. These technicians understand how important the safety and comfort of your family is and will provide the same care as they would for their own home. 

For Business Owners

Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment is important for business owners as well. Customers, employees, and other individuals visiting a business expect to be free of the discomforts of the seasons. Fortunately, commercial HVAC maintenance can ensure the business’s heating and cooling systems keep up with the demand a commercial property can put on their system. 

How Often Should Maintenance Be Performed?

It is recommended that each aspect of a property’s HVAC system receives proper maintenance before the unit will be used regularly for the season. For a cooling system, maintenance should be performed early in the spring to ensure it is ready for the hot temperatures. For the heating system, this process should be performed early in the fall.

For HVAC systems that perform both heating and cooling tasks, such as a heat pump, service should be scheduled twice a year. This additional maintenance is because heat pumps work all year long and will need more maintenance to ensure they run properly and efficiently for all seasons.

What Does HVAC Maintenance in Littleton, CO, Include?

When a service professional arrives for the property’s HVAC annual maintenance, there is a specific set of tasks that will be performed, depending on the system. There is an HVAC maintenance checklist all property owners should keep to ensure their system is getting the right care.

Springtime Maintenance

When it is time for maintenance of the cooling system of the property, the technician will inspect the entire unit to identify any problems. During this time, they will also clean any dust or debris from the outside and inside of the unit. The technician will also clean or replace any filters the cooling system has. They may even clean the ducts around the unit.

On the outside unit, the condenser coils will be cleaned and inspected for damage. Inside the home, drain lines and pans will be checked and cleared of clogs. The refrigerant levels will also be inspected, and new refrigerant added as needed. All electrical components will be inspected and secured as needed.

If needed, any lubricant will be added and belts replaced. The blower, motor, and other moving parts will be inspected to ensure proper function. The thermostat will also be checked and calibrated as needed. The system will then be run to ensure it performs as it should.

Fall Maintenance

The heating system will be provided with proper maintenance during this time. Similar to the cooling system maintenance, the unit will be inspected and cleaned, inside and out. Any filters will be cleaned or replaced as needed. Moving parts will be lubricated, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. If necessary, any worn belts will be replaced.

Electrical components will be inspected and secured. Gas lines will be inspected for damage. The unit will also be inspected for both gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Heating elements will be inspected and tested. The thermostat will also be tested and calibrated as needed. The technician will also run the unit to ensure it is heating properly.

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