Do You Need an HVAC Replacement in Littleton, CO?

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It’s frustrating when you pay for an HVAC repair only to have the system break down again a few days or weeks later. You may be on a first-name basis with the heating and cooling technician because they spend so much time at your home. If so, it’s time to consider investing in an HVAC replacement in Littleton, CO. 

This is only one of several reasons you may wish to look into an HVAC system replacement. Maybe you are considering an HVAC unit upgrade because you have an older system and have noticed a decrease in its performance. 

Before you purchase a new HVAC system, analyze the equipment. To do so, you need to determine your current operating costs. Next, calculate the return on investment that you will see if you purchase an HVAC unit upgrade. 

Energy and maintenance costs will decrease if you invest in an HVAC unit replacement and choose a higher efficiency system. In addition, the temperature in the home will remain more consistent. 

Expensive repairs become a thing of the past, as new units come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You need to maintain the system to ensure the warranty remains valid, but with our help, doing so is easy. Ask about our Preventative Care Maintenance Membership, as this will help you save money while maintaining the HVAC system replacement. 

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The HVAC Replacement Cost 

You may hesitate to make this call over worries about the HVAC replacement cost. What many people don’t realize is upgrading to a new HVAC unit can actually save you 60 percent on your monthly heating and cooling bills. 

You need to choose a high-efficiency system to see these savings, and our team can help with this. The system practically pays for itself over its lifespan. 

Should I Repair the Existing Unit or Purchase an HVAC Replacement in Littleton, CO?

One question customers often ask is, “should I repair the existing unit or invest in an HVAC unit replacement?” There are some guidelines you can use when making this decision. 

  • If the system is over 12 years old, consider an HVAC replacement

  • When the system is in poor running condition, an HVAC unit replacement is the preferred choice

  • Rising heating and cooling costs show it is time to look for an HVAC replacement

  • High repair and maintenance costs are a sign it is time to replace the HVAC unit

  • The home doesn’t remain at a consistent temperature, which is frustrating for those living in the home

  • The home never adequately heats or cools, and a new system can resolve this problem

  • Frequent breakdowns lead to time missed from work and indicate it is time for an HVAC unit replacement

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The Benefits of HVAC Replacement in Littleton, CO

When you invest in an HVAC replacement, you won’t need to worry about regular repairs and the hassle that comes with having these repairs completed. Every repair means time missed from your regular activities and the inconvenience of a non-operational HVAC system. A new system eliminates these issues. 

Your utility bills will decrease, and the air quality in the home will improve. A new system won’t need to work as hard to keep the home at the temperature you select. This means the unit experiences less wear and tear, which helps to extend its lifespan. 

In addition, you can breathe easier. You’ll know the system can remove contaminants from the air quickly and easily. This may be a problem with older systems. When they collect dirt and debris, these pollutants then make their way through the home. A new unit eliminates this concern. 

When you think about the HVAC replacement cost, it may be enough to make you reconsider the decision to replace the HVAC unit. Call us and our Southwest Heating & Cooling will help you figure out how to pay for this unit. We offer several options you should consider.

Financing Options, Specials, and More

When you choose to work with Southwest Heating & Cooling, you gain access to specials, rebate, financing, and more. Visit our website to learn how you can save $500 on a full system replacement. This is only one of several specials we offer. 

You may also be eligible for a rebate on the residential or commercial HVAC replacement. We’ll help you determine this when comparing system options. Our team handles all residential and commercial HVAC replacement rebate submissions to save you time. 

In addition, we offer HVAC replacement financing. With the help of the HVAC replacement financing, you can have a comfortable home while making low monthly payments. You may even qualify for special financing. Contact us today to learn more about the options. 

Whether you need a residential or commercial HVAC replacement, our team is here to help. All you need to do is ask. 

Why Choose Southwest Heating & Cooling? 

Founded in 1972, Southwest Heating & Cooling has developed a solid reputation for outstanding work at affordable prices. Our customers return when they need a new HVAC installation or wish to have their current system repaired or maintained. 

We remain committed to our customers and continue to expand on our services to better meet your needs. We help with heating, cooling, air quality, and ventilation in your home or office, as you deserve to be comfortable.

In addition, we now offer water heaters. We are a locally owned and operated company, and our management refuses to accept anything less than complete customer satisfaction. In fact, we guarantee it with every job we complete.

Contact us today at or call (303) 791-2679. We have Southwest Heating & Cooling team members ready to assist with all your HVAC needs. 

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