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Keeping your home comfortable doesn't have to be a hassle. Ductless mini split installation is a great way to ensure that the temperature inside your Littleton, CO, home can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it. With ductless air conditioning systems, you can control the temperatures in different rooms and spaces within your home more precisely. 

At Southwest Heating & Cooling, we understand how important it is for your home to be comfortable and energy efficient. That's why we provide the best ductless mini split installation services in Littleton, CO. With our experienced technicians and superior customer service, you can trust us to install your ductless air conditioning unit quickly and safely. 

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What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split is an efficient and cost-effective way to cool or heat your home without traditional ductwork. The system consists of an outdoor condenser unit that houses the compressor and condenser coil and one or more indoor air handlers. Each air handler uses its refrigerant lines to connect to the central unit outside, allowing you to customize temperature control in each room.

You can also choose a mini split heat pump if you want both heating and cooling capabilities in one system, allowing year-round comfort in any room. The ability to customize settings for individual rooms and the flexibility provided by ductless help make it the perfect choice for any home.

How Does a Ductless Mini Split Work? 

The essential operation of a ductless mini split system is that it draws hot air from inside the house, compresses it, then releases it into the outside environment. In cooling mode, cold refrigerant is pumped through the lines connecting the wall-mounted evaporator units. It circulates through them before returning to the compressor, where it's reheated and sent back outside again. This cycle continues until the desired temperature is reached and maintained inside your home.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini Split in Your Home?

Cost Savings

Ductless mini splits are highly efficient and can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, ductless mini splits do not require the installation of expensive ductwork, which can further reduce ductless mini split installation cost in Littleton.

Increased Comfort

Ductless mini splits provide individualized heating and cooling for each room, meaning you can maintain a comfortable temperature in every room. Ductless mini splits also do not produce the same amount of noise as traditional HVAC systems, making them ideal for bedrooms and other quiet home areas.

Improved Air Quality

Installing a ductless mini split in your home can also improve the air quality in your home. Ductless mini splits circulate filtered air throughout the house, which can help remove pollen, dust, and other allergens. They also do not recirculate air like traditional HVAC systems, which can further improve indoor air quality.

Flexible Placement

Ductless mini split systems also offer flexible placement options. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which must be installed near an exterior wall, ductless mini splits can be installed anywhere in the home. This makes them ideal for homes with limited space or unusual layouts.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini split systems are also very energy efficient. They are one of the most energy-efficient types of HVAC systems today. Ductless mini splits use less energy than traditional HVAC systems and can help to lower your energy bills. 

When to Replace Ductless Mini Split Systems

Knowing when it’s time to replace your existing ductless mini split can help you save money over the long term while maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout your household. Here are some reasons to replace your ductless mini split system: 

  • If your system is more than ten years old
  • If your energy bills have increased
  • If your system is making strange noises
  • If your system is not cooling or heating your home evenly
  • If you have added on to your home
  • If you are renovating your home
  • If you are not happy with your current system

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