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Looking for heat pump services in Littleton, CO and surrounding South Denver Metro areas? There’s no expectation we can’t exceed. Southwest Heating & Cooling specializes in replacement, repair, and maintenance of all makes and models of heat pumps. For every job we strive to optimize equipment performance. We put in the time, effort, and expertise necessary to maximize efficiency, reliability, and system longevity. It is our goal to be the only call you ever make. Through convenient scheduling, prompt arrival, open communication, competitive rates, and higher integrity of job performance, we deliver unequaled satisfaction and value.

Dependable Heat Pump Repairs, Service & Installations In Littleton, CO and surrounding South Denver Metro areas

Southwest Heating & Cooling has assembled a team of NATE- and ACCA-certified, experienced, and dedicated professionals. Our fleet of service trucks are equipped with the most advanced software, innovative tools, and a comprehensive inventory of authentic parts. We’re prepared to not only take on and resolve any challenge but also improve the health, comfort, and enjoyment of your home. Partnering with Bryant brand, we offer a line of heat pumps to perfectly suit your needs. Advanced engineering and industry leading features put you in control of your comfort, deliver unmatched efficiency, and maintain more even and reliable comfort across Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Lone Tree, Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Castle Pines, CO.

How a Heat Pump Works

A heat pump installation uses refrigerant to do the majority of the heat exchange process—even in the winter! A compressor and various valves help to move it along and add pressure, but the chemical blend called refrigerant is responsible for absorbing and releasing heat.

In the summer, the heat pump works just like any other central air conditioner. Refrigerant can pick up heat from the indoor air blowing over the evaporator coil and move this heat outside, continuing in this fashion in a cycle until the home is cooled. In the winter, the reversing valve allows refrigerant to change direction and heat to move into the home from the outdoor air.

Does a Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

When we tell people that a heat pump system absorbs heat from the air outside, they often have concerns. When it’s cold outside, how will a heat pump be able to gather heat from the outdoor air? Well, the truth is that there is heat energy present in the air even though it feels cold. Coldness is a lack of heat, not necessarily an absence of heat.

As temperatures drop below freezing, though, your heat pump can start to struggle. There are two ways to deal with this. One is with electric heating strips that activate when temperatures outside drop too low, but using this sort of electric resistance heating can be costly.

That’s why many people in our area choose dual fuel systems for heating and air conditioning. This combines a heat pump with a gas furnace to automatically switch to the most efficient heat source depending on the season!

Common Heat Pump Repairs

We talk a lot about how efficient and durable a heat pump is. We should also mention that any system, no matter how well–installed, needs repairs and replacement eventually. Heat pump maintenance helps to prevent many of the repair needs you may come across, so be sure to schedule tune–ups twice annually and consider our maintenance plan!

Common heat pump repairs include refrigerant leaks, electrical troubles, and problems caused by a clogged filter, all of which could be caught early with proper maintenance! Contact our team for heat pump installation in Littleton, CO, or any repairs or routine maintenance you need. We also install and service ductless heat pumps.

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Heat Pump ReplacementHeat Pump ServiceHeat Pump InstallationHeat Pump Water Heater Repair ∴ Highlands Ranch, CO ∴ Castle Pines, CO ∴ Greenwood Village, CO

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