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If you've lived in Littleton for long, the chances are good that you've already noticed how unpredictable our winter weather can be. There's just no telling when the next cold snap might hit, and when it comes, you need to be prepared for temperatures as low as -20oF. In other words, you need a heating system that is both effective and reliable.

Boilers are excellent options for cold climates. They provide ample heat even under extreme winter conditions and are known for their longevity. If you want your boiler to make it through even the coldest winter nights undeterred, though, it will need some help. Professional boiler maintenance and annual tune-ups are a must if you want to keep your heating system operating reliably at maximum efficiency for as long as possible.

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The Benefits of Boiler Maintenance in Littleton, CO

All home support systems need to be maintained to keep them up and running, and boilers are no exception. Some Coloradans balk at the idea of incurring an extra boiler maintenance cost each year, but it's well worth the money. With adequate boiler maintenance, your home heating system will continue to keep your family safe and warm for years, or even decades, to come. The benefits of boiler maintenance extend beyond the potential for a longer usable lifespan. They also include:

Preventing Unexpected Breakdowns

If you've ever dealt with a heating system failure in the middle of the coldest night of the year, you know how important it is to do everything possible to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Boiler heating system maintenance is how you accomplish that goal. When we perform a boiler tune-up, our technicians arrive armed with a boiler maintenance checklist that includes every part and component. If there's anything wrong with your heating system, we'll find it and let you know before the temperatures start to drop so that you can have the problem fixed.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Today's boilers are designed to operate as efficiently as possible, but no system will keep running perfectly forever without some help. Both general wear and minor damage will eventually take their toll, causing the boiler to work harder than usual to keep your home warm and costing you extra money on your monthly bills as a result. Annual boiler maintenance helps to keep your system running at optimal efficiency, which more than makes up for boiler maintenance costs.

Preserving Warranty Coverage

Not everyone realizes this, but most manufacturers' warranties require you to schedule professional boiler maintenance at least once a year. The rationale is obvious. The adequate maintenance of boiler systems helps to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and premature system failures. All you have to do is schedule a boiler maintenance service call once a year to prevent the voiding of your warranty and make sure the equipment remains covered for as long as possible.

Providing Peace of Mind

Some people worry about whether annual boiler maintenance is worth the added cost, but there's no putting a price tag on the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family will stay safe and warm all winter long. We recommend continuing to schedule boiler maintenance every year after your manufacturer's warranty runs out. That way, you'll never have to worry about whether your heating system is ready for whatever winter has to throw at it.

What Does Boiler Maintenance Entail?

If you've never worked with a boiler maintenance company, you might be wondering what to expect. When you work with Southwest Heating & Cooling, you can always expect the inspecting technician to show up on time and behave with professionalism and courtesy. 

Each boiler maintenance contractor will come prepared to inspect the entire system and perform a full boiler tune-up. Our boiler maintenance checklist includes:

  • Valve and seal maintenance
  • Cleaning heat exchanger
  • Checking the burn assembly, ignitor, and flame sensor
  • Switch inspections and repairs
  • Checking the pH level of the water
  • Flue way inspections and cleaning
  • Full ventilation system checks
  • Expansion tank evaluations
  • Flushing the condensate system
  • Inspection of the controls and electrical wiring
  • Gas and pressure flow checks
  • Providing a full record of the boiler maintenance service

The maintenance of boiler systems is about more than just checking to make sure that basic systems work as intended. A boiler maintenance contractor will be able to identify problems before they get out of control, make adjustments to the system to improve efficiency and provide minor repairs on the same day whenever possible.

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Annual Tune-Ups Get Your Boiler Ready for Winter

Winters in Littleton, CO, are no joke. You can't afford to go into the home heating season unsure about the state of your boiler. Scheduling an annual tune-up is the best way to make sure your home heating system is operating as intended heading into winter.

The best time to schedule your annual tune-up is in the fall before you turn the boiler on for the first time. However, we're happy to provide maintenance services year-round. If you're ready to schedule maintenance, repairs, or even a boiler replacement, our team is here to help.

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