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The boiler in your home handles many functions. Besides heating the home, this unit may provide hot water for the household, heat the floors, and more. When it malfunctions, you need help immediately. 

Call Southwest Heating & Cooling for expert boiler repair in Littleton, CO. We have an experienced technician who can visit your home to complete the residential boiler repair. When should you call for boiler repair services? What do you need to know when hiring someone to do this work?

When Should You Call a Boiler Company?

With certain household systems, it’s hard to know when you need a repairman. For example, many homeowners don’t call an electrician until a problem with their electrical system has escalated. They didn’t realize there was an issue with the wiring inside a wall until the problem affected multiple parts of the system. 

When you have a boiler, that’s not the case. The unit typically makes it very obvious that you need a boiler repair contractor. 

Call for a boiler repair when you hear strange noises coming from the system. This system does not bang, clang, grind, or make other unusual noises when it works properly. Any unusual noise is a sign that the boiler needs attention. 

If you notice a foul odor coming from the boiler, call a boiler repair contractor. If this odor is like that of rotten eggs, you probably have a natural gas leak. Evacuate the home and call us right away. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a genuine concern with this leak, so you always want to be safe and have the boiler checked right away. 

A sudden jump in your monthly energy bills is a sign you may need a residential boiler repair. Although you expect a spike in these bills following an extended cold period, your energy usage should drop once it warms up again. If it doesn’t, call us and we’ll see if the boiler is the reason for these high bills. 

You may also need a boiler heater repair if you find the home doesn’t heat evenly. Some rooms may be freezing while others are extremely hot. This could be a sign you need to fix the boiler, or it could be a problem with the ductwork. We’ll figure out what is going on and how best to fix it. 

Technicians working for our boiler company undergo training to address these problems and more. They can handle any boiler service needed by our clients. Reach out today and we will get you on the schedule. 

Call for a residential boiler repair if you see corrosion on the boiler tank or pressure relief valve. The same holds when you notice a decline in the boiler’s performance. We’ll send a boiler repair contractor out to help you determine where the problem lies and how best to resolve it. 

Call (303) 791-2679 or visit to connect with our team. When you do so, we’ll be happy to put you on the schedule. 

Don’t Delay When You Need a Boiler Repair in Littleton, CO

A problem with the boiler may appear to be nothing more than an inconvenience. If one room remains cold while the other areas of the home are warm, you may be tempted to throw a sweatshirt on and deal with it. If your energy bill is higher this month, it’s easy to blame it on cold weather. 

However, a problem with the boiler can quickly escalate. It’s best to call a boiler company to learn if boiler repairs are needed or if you need to look elsewhere for the source of the problem. 

Any problem with the boiler could affect more than just your comfort. A malfunctioning boiler is less efficient. It must work harder to heat the home, which leads to higher energy bills. This also reduces the lifespan of the unit because it undergoes more wear and tear as it attempts to heat the home. 

When you call to learn more about our boiler repair services, we are happy to explain the dangers of using a boiler that is in need of repair. We will get you on the schedule so a technician can come out, inspect the unit, and fix the boiler. Once this work is done, you can rest easy, knowing you have done everything possible to prevent these issues. 

Every boiler heater repair we complete comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy, let us know. We’ll do everything possible to make things right.

Our highly trained technician arrives at the home ready to complete any boiler service. Their vehicle is stocked with the parts and equipment needed to ensure they can do so. With our help, you can keep your boiler up and running. 

Emergency Boiler Repair in Littleton, CO

We understand boilers break down outside of normal business hours. Call us if you need boiler repairs immediately. We want you to be comfortable in your home and can send someone out to fix the boiler right away. 

The easiest way to avoid the need for an emergency boiler repair is to have the unit serviced regularly by a licensed technician. When we undertake this boiler service, we inspect the entire system before cleaning and lubricating all moving parts. This inspection allows us to catch minor issues and correct them. Doing so saves you both time and money. 

Why Choose Southwest Heating & Cooling for Your Boiler Repair? 

Many companies state they offer boiler repair. However, when they arrive at the home, they attempt to sell you a new unit. 

We always put your interests before our own. Our technicians only recommend a boiler replacement when this option is the best for your home. You shouldn’t purchase a new unit unless you absolutely need one, so this is a recommendation we won’t make unless it is absolutely necessary. You can count on that. 

Call (303) 791-2679 today to set up your boiler repair in Littleton, CO or use our handy online form found at to schedule your service. 

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