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It's difficult to overstate the importance of having an optimally functioning furnace in cold climates like ours. When winter lows drop below freezing, you don't want to be stuck worrying about whether you'll be able to keep your family warm. That's why it's best to look into furnace replacement services before your home heating system breaks down entirely.

When you need of a furnace replacement in Littleton, CO, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is. There's no wrong time to learn about your options and schedule a new furnace installation.

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How to Tell It's Time for Furnace Replacement in Littleton, CO

Most homeowners want to get as much out of their appliances and equipment as possible, especially when it comes to HVAC units. After all, a new furnace is a big investment. The problem is that while we will be happy to provide you with furnace repairs, keeping an old unit running indefinitely is not usually the most cost-effective solution. 

Knowing when to throw in the towel and schedule a professional furnace replacement instead is crucial to keeping your HVAC expenses in check. If your furnace replacement cost will be similar to that of the suggested repairs, it will be obvious what to do. Otherwise, just keep an eye out for these signs it's time to consider furnace replacement.

  • Repairs that will cost more than half the price of a new furnace.
  • Monthly heating bills that just keep going up even after you've had your existing furnace tuned up.
  • Seemingly constant breakdowns.
  • Inability to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.
  • Anxiety about whether your furnace will make it through another winter without the need for expensive emergency repairs.

The easiest way to tell it's time for a new furnace is to ask one of our expert HVAC technicians for a professional opinion next time your heater breaks down. We replace furnace systems all the time and can offer helpful advice about how to save money on your monthly bills with a furnace upgrade when you're ready. 

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How to Choose a Replacement Furnace

The first thing you should consider when it comes time to choose a new furnace is whether you are happy with the current unit's fuel source. These days, most residential furnaces run on natural gas, and with good reason. Natural gas furnaces are cost-efficient to operate and great at keeping homes warm even on the coldest nights, so if you're tied into the municipal grid and already have the hookups for a gas furnace, we suggest sticking with that when you schedule your next furnace installation.

Some households in Littleton still have oil-burning furnaces. If that's the case in your home, it may be time for a furnace upgrade. The problem is that oil-burning furnaces are already more expensive to run than those that use natural gas, and the price of heating oil is only expected to rise in the coming years. If you need a furnace replacement, anyway, now is a great time to switch over to natural gas or electricity.

Electric furnaces have both benefits and drawbacks compared to natural gas. They're typically cheaper to install, especially if you don't have the infrastructure in place for a gas furnace. However, they tend to be more expensive to run, and this problem will only get worse as the price of electricity continues to rise. We generally recommend against switching to an electric furnace from a gas model if you can help it.

The Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces

If it's been a decade or more since you've replaced your furnace, know that things have changed a lot in the intervening years. Efficiency rates now range as high as 95-99%. Switching from an old, less-efficient furnace to a modern, Energy Star-certified model can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your equipment's usable lifespan, so don't balk at the slightly higher price tag. You'll quickly recoup the extra furnace installation costs in the form of lower monthly bills.

High-efficiency furnaces can be electric or gas-burning, and they come in all sizes. It doesn't matter how large your house is or how warm your family likes to keep it at night. We'll help you find the right system to suit your household's unique needs.

What to Expect During a New Furnace Installation

Whether you've already scheduled a professional furnace replacement with our team and you want to know what you can do to prepare or you're still shopping around, it helps to know what to expect during a furnace installation. The hardest part for you should be choosing a replacement furnace. From there, we'll take care of all the rest.

Our techs will arrive on time and treat your home and family with the respect they deserve. We'll only send out technicians that perform furnace replacement services frequently and really know their stuff. You'll already have a clear idea of the furnace replacement cost before they arrive because we pride ourselves on not just competitive pricing but also transparency.

When our team gets to your house, they'll start by removing the old equipment for safe disposal. From there, your professional furnace replacement should take no more than a few hours. When we're done, we'll wrap everything up by cleaning up any mess and performing thorough system checks before calling the job done and giving you a run-through of how to operate the new system.

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