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Heat pump service.

Consider a professional heat pump installation when the time comes to replace the air conditioner or heater in your home. Heat pumps offer exceptional energy efficiency in a compact unit and both heat and cool the home. 

Choose Southwest Heating & Cooling as your heat pump installer and benefit from our experience and knowledge. Our attention to detail ensures you get the best return on your investment. In addition, we replace, repair, and maintain these units, so you have no worries about the heating and cooling system in the home. 

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How Does a Heat Pump Work? 

You may ask yourself why a heat pump installation is the right choice for the home. Heat pumps don’t operate like most air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers. 

They pull heat from the air outdoors and transfer it into the home when it is cold outside. If it is hot outside, the heat pump pulls hot air from the home and moves it outside. 

The unit transfers heat rather than creating it. This means it is more efficient than other HVAC options. You pay less to heat and cool the home each month. Once you decide on a heat pump installation in Littleton, CO.

Why Choose a Heat Pump? 

With many HVAC options today, it may be difficult to determine whether a heat pump installation is the right choice for the home. There are many heat pump installation benefits. For example, this unit keeps the home at a comfortable temperature twelve months of the year. 

A heat pump uses less energy when heating and cooling the home. It transfers heat rather than generating it. Many people appreciate this because they worry about their carbon footprint. 

Homeowners like having only one unit to worry about. They work with one technician for installation, maintenance, and repairs. 

The heat pump is quiet while operating. It won’t make loud noises, like air conditioners and furnaces are prone to do. The compressor makes noise, but it is situated outside, so it won’t disrupt normal household activities. 

When you install a heat pump, the air quality in the home improves. The indoor air mixes with the air from outdoors. As a result, it smells clean. 

The system maintains a relatively consistent temperature throughout the home. Furnaces and air conditioners often struggle to achieve this goal. Consider a heat pump install project to receive these benefits and more. 

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The Cost of Heat Pump Installation in Littleton, CO

Many factors affect the heat pump installation cost. Our technician must assess the home to ensure the size of the system and its capacity are appropriate for the news of the household. 

You have options when requesting a professional heat pump installation. Choose from an air-to-air heat pump, a water source version, or a geothermal model. In addition, manufacturers now offer ductless systems for those homes without existing ductwork. 

The efficiency rating of the selected model influences its cost. The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) measure the efficiency of a unit. A high-efficiency unit will have a SEER rating of 19+ and an HSPF rating of 10+. High-efficiency systems cost more than those with lower ratings. However, you save money over the life of the unit if you choose a high-efficiency model. 

Local authorities may require you to get permits if you choose to install a heat pump. When you choose us as our heat pump installation company, we handle these permits for you. This helps to simplify the installation process, which is already disrupting your life enough. 

If the home doesn’t have ductwork in place and you would like a heat pump installation carried out, a mini-split system is needed. Otherwise, we must install ductwork to move the treated air throughout the residence. The cost of installing ductwork is in addition to the cost of the heat pump itself. 

Finally, the local climate plays a role in your heat pump replacement or installation project. A modern heat pump works best in areas with a mild climate. It loses effectiveness in extreme temperatures. 

If you worry about the heat pump installation cost, ask about our specials. In addition, we offer rebates and financing options. You should be comfortable in your own home and we work to ensure you are. These offers help to keep the cost of your heat pump install down. 

We offer a free estimate on full system replacements and second opinions. Contact us and we’ll set up an appointment to visit the home and provide this estimate. 

Why Choose Southwest Heating & Cooling for Your Heat Pump Installation in Littleton, CO?

Once you know the heat pump installation benefits, you may be ready to schedule this project. Let us be your heat pump installation company. We have been serving the area since 1973 and are ready to complete your heat pump replacement or installation project. We remain committed to you and always put your interests before our own. This focus has allowed us to become one of the premiere HVAC companies in our area. We would love to be your heat pump installer. 

A locally owned and operated company, we have brought together a management team that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. All work we do comes backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The team wants to hear from you if there are any problems with the heat pump installation we do. When we know about these problems, we make things right. 

It’s your home, so you always have the final say. We want you to be so happy with our work that you tell friends and family to call us. Your praise is our highest reward. 

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