Why You Need to Call for Heat Pump Maintenance in Littleton, CO

Heat pump service.

Unlike many HVAC systems found in modern homes, heat pumps run all year long. They don’t get a break between seasons because they offer both heating and cooling. If you own this HVAC system, you must understand the importance of heat pump maintenance. 

Failing to perform heat pump system maintenance could lead to costly repairs, high energy bills, and more. Don’t put off this essential task when Southwest Heating & Cooling is here to help. 

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Heat Pump Maintenance Tasks in Littleton, CO Every Homeowner Should Complete

A heat pump may continue to heat or cool the home even when it has one or more issues. It falls on you as the homeowner to know common signs that suggest the system needs attention. However, the easiest way to avoid the need for repairs is to carry out regular electric heat pump maintenance. 

According to the United States Department of Energy, regular heat pump system maintenance can cut energy consumption by 10 to 25 percent. Change the air filters monthly at a minimum. When the filter, fan, or coils collect debris, the amount of air flowing through the system decreases. This leads to a decline in system performance. In addition, a dirty system may damage the compressor. 

If the outdoor coils appear dirty, clean them to remove the debris. Ensure no debris collects around the outdoor unit, and cut back any vegetation around the exterior unit. Keep the supply and return registers in the home clean, and straighten any fins that are bent. Small steps such as these may not appear to be a big deal. However, they are essential to proper electric heat pump maintenance. 

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

However, every system needs professional heat pump maintenance beyond that completed by the homeowner. When an HVAC technician visits the home for residential heat pump maintenance, they complete several tasks.

The technician inspects the entire system to look for dirt and other obstructions that interfere with the normal operation of the heat pump. When doing so, they check for leaks in the ductwork. If any are found, the technician will seal them, as this ensures the heated or cooled air makes it to all rooms of the home. 

To ensure that the air does make it to all rooms evenly, the technician verifies the airflow throughout the home using tools. While at the home, they measure the refrigerant charge to ensure it is correct and test the system for leaks. 

As part of this heat pump system maintenance, the technician examines the electrical terminals in the system. If they find any that are loose, they clean and tighten them before applying a non conductive coating. 

Next, the technician lubricates the motors in the heat pump and checks the belts for wear. They tighten any belts that have loosened during normal operation. 

While completing this heat pump furnace maintenance, the technician tests the electric controls. They do so to ensure the heating component is locked out when the thermostat is set on cooling and the cooling element is off when the thermostat is set to heating. 

Before leaving the home, the technician tests the thermostat to ensure it operates correctly. The heat pump AC system maintenance would be of no use if the thermostat isn’t calibrated, so they never leave this step out when completing heat pump maintenance. 

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The Cost of Heat Pump Maintenance in Littleton, CO

Many people may hesitate to make this appointment because they worry about the cost of residential heat pump maintenance. When considering this cost, think back to the last repair that you needed for the system. How much did it cost? Most people find HVAC heat pump maintenance is significantly less than the cost of a single repair. 

Furthermore, what many people don’t realize is they must have heat pump AC system maintenance carried out by a licensed technician if they wish to keep their warranty. Manufacturers require regular heat pump furnace maintenance as part of the warranty conditions. If you miss one of these scheduled visits, the manufacturer may refuse to pay for repairs under the warranty. 

Industry experts recommend calling for heat pump maintenance twice a year, once prior to the heating season and again when the cooling season comes around. This ensures the system works when you need it to, regardless of whether you wish to cool the home or warm it up. 

Effortless Heat Pump Maintenance

When you choose to work with Southwest Heating & Cooling, you’ll find we make heat pump maintenance effortless. Become a Southwest Preferred Customer member, and we will come out and conduct maintenance visits twice a year. In addition, if repairs are needed, the membership provides you with a discount on parts and labor. These are only two of the many benefits found when you decide to join the club.

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