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Tankless Water Heater service.

No one likes a cold shower, especially if it’s the first thing in the morning. If the warmth of your wake-up routine leaves something to be desired, though, it may be time to consider a water heater upgrade. While water heater replacement is a great start, you’ll need a professional installation to maximize its energy efficiency.

When water heaters are improperly installed, it may result in burns, fires, and water damage. That’s why it’s best to leave the job to a professional plumber who knows these systems from top to bottom. Call Southwest Heating & Cooling at (303) 791-2679 or fill out our online form for more information.

Options for Water Heater Installation

Homeowners install water heaters for various reasons. Some are building from scratch, while others want to add systems to guest houses and outbuildings. No matter your needs, we’re here to help you find a system that fits them. Our trained technicians will work with you and designers, contractors, and builders to choose the best option, which may include a:

  • Conventional or tank water heater. These units use large tanks to hold hot water so it’s always available.
  • On-demand or tankless water heater. As the name implies, these systems don’t store water; they heat it as it is needed. Learn more about our tankless water heater installation services by calling us.
  • Hybrid or heat pump water heater. Using a heat exchanger, these units remove heat from the air to warm the water you use. They take up quite a bit of space, which is their only real drawback.
  • Solar-powered units. Drawing their energy from the sun, solar water heaters are a great choice for those who already have solar panels installed. Like conventional systems, solar-powered water heaters require insulated storage tanks.
  • Condensing water heater. Using exhaust from other gas-fired appliances, these systems heat the water you use.

While we are frequently asked to install tankless and conventional water heaters, we are also seeing an increased demand for solar and heat pump systems. Contact the team at Southwest Heating & Cooling to learn about your options.

Signs of a Failing Water Heater

If you’re having problems with your water heater but aren’t sure whether it needs to be repaired or replaced, here are a few signs to look for.

  • Strange noises. Unusual sounds are an indication of buildup in the bottom of the water heater tank. While a tank flush may fix minor issues, replacement may be the only option if the buildup is severe.
  • Leaks. If there’s water on the floor at the bottom of the tank, the inside of the tank is so corroded that it can’t be fixed.
  • Discoloration of water. As a water heater begins to fail, rust may form around the tank’s seams and valves, discoloring the water that comes from fixtures.
  • Age. The average residential water heater lifespan is approximately ten years. If yours is almost at that mark, start budgeting for a new one.

A failing water heater may work inefficiently for years, wasting water and driving up utility costs. If your system is noisy, leaking, or old, consider setting aside time and money for a traditional or tankless water heater installation. Call us now or click here to schedule an appointment for water heater replacement.

Common Water Heater Issues

While our customers have numerous reasons to call us for water heater installation in Littleton, CO, there are a few commonalities. The most prevalent water heater issues are:

  • A lack of hot water
  • No hot water at all
  • Water that’s too cold or too hot
  • Leaks
  • Foul-smelling water

If you are experiencing one or more of these problems and you live near Littleton, call us today for a no-obligation estimate on gas or electric water heater installation. We’re here to help you live a more comfortable life, so call us today.

Why Choose Southwest Heating & Cooling for Water Heater Installation in Littleton, CO?

Our Littleton roots go deep, and our family-owned company offers superior service to the area’s homeowners. Whenever we are needed, our team members promise to be:

  • On time. Our solutions and responses will be prompt and efficient, and all new water heater work will be done with the utmost professionalism.
  • Certified and trained. You shouldn’t call just anyone for water heater installation! We take experience, training, and licensing seriously because we focus on exceptional customer service. We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of Colorado’s HVAC industry, and we’re always working to sharpen our skills.
  • Honest. We don’t push products and services our customers do not need; we work with them to find the right solution to their water heating problems. We’re always here to answer your new water heater questions, so call us today.
  • Convenient. We’ll work with your busy schedule and do what it takes to get your Littleton home back to its preferred comfort level. With 24/7 emergency water heater install availability, we’ll always be around to help.
  • Friendly. We love all our local customers, and our whole team is courteous and friendly because we are your friends and neighbors. We treat every person’s home as we would treat our own, and we’ll leave it cleaner than we found it.

If you are looking for friendly, fast, and professional hot water heater installation in Littleton, CO, the choice is clear. Contact the experts at Southwest Heating & Cooling by phone at (303) 791-2679 or visit our contact page today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Hassle-Free Guarantee Makes Water Heater Installation in Littleton, CO Easy

At Southwest Heating & Cooling, we believe in doing water heater upgrades right the first time. Our licensed, background checked, and drug tested installers will arrive ready to work, and because we’re local to the area, they will be up to date on safety regulations, plumbing codes, and installation trends. Furthermore, our fully stocked work vehicles allow us to provide same-day hot water heater installation in most cases.

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When only the very best will do, you can count on us to provide the friendly, professional service your home and family deserve. Request additional water heater install information via our online form or call now to schedule water heater installation in Littleton, CO.

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