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Transform Your Home With AC Installation


Adding central air conditioning to your home helps to fight summer’s hot, humid days and keep the inside of your home comfortable. Most AC installation services introduce both central cooling and heating to your home, making themselves useful all year long. When you’re looking for reliable air conditioning installation services near Littleton, Colorado, it’s time to call the experts at Southwest Heating and Cooling. We’re here with the AC solutions you need.


Attempting HVAC work yourself is never a good idea. After all, HVAC systems deal with dangerous electrical wiring and chemical refrigerant, which can be deadly if inhaled for long periods of time. Trusting the trained technicians ensures your HVAC system is installed safely. It also makes sure that any warranties on your HVAC system are not voided by mishandled work.


Are you searching for a reliable HVAC contractor near Littleton, CO, to complete your air conditioning installation? Southwest Heating and Cooling leads the industry in trusted AC installation and repair services. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to book your consultation or HVAC appointment, at (720) 605-0899.

Upgrading From a Window AC Unit or Portable Unit to Central Air


Upgrading your air conditioning methods from a window AC unit or portable AC unit to central air offers extended efficiency and lower monthly costs. Central air conditioning options are also easier to customize, with thermostat controls allowing you to alter the temperature throughout your home instead of being limited to cooling or heating a single room.


Smart thermostat controls even take this convenience a step further, allowing you to control your thermostat from your smartphone. With these functions, you can set the temperature of your home before you even arrive, so it’s nice and cool when you do get home. Mini-split smart functions also allow you to set separate temperatures for different rooms to please everyone.

New AC Unit Cost


Your new AC unit cost will depend on what your existing system looks like and which HVAC method you’re looking to install. Our trained technicians can assess your home to determine if any existing AC parts need to be removed or replaced. If you don’t currently have any AC components, they will help to install a ductwork system and run refrigerant lines if needed.


AC unit cost varies from a traditional HVAC system that relies on ductwork to a mini-split AC ductless system. The traditional AC replacement cost is typically anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, depending on the condition of your current ductwork. When it comes to a new installation that needs the development of ductwork, it can tack on an additional $3,000 to $5,000 to the costs. Ductless systems may cost double, ranging to $30,000 in some cases.

AC Installation Services


At Southwest Heating and Cooling, we offer AC installation services like air conditioner installation, AC replacement, and ductless systems. As the trusted Littleton HVAC contractor, all of our AC installation services are conducted with professionalism and precision that is backed by our years of experience. We will make sure your system is safe and up to code.

Air Conditioner Installation


New air conditioner installation is an involved process because expert HVAC technicians must prepare your home for new electrical, refrigerant, and ductwork requirements. Once your home is ready for a new central air conditioning system, it’s time to determine which size HVAC unit is appropriate to properly cool your home.


Installing the wrong size air conditioner isn’t just a problem when your unit is too small and doesn’t cool enough space. A unit that is too large will also present issues because it wastes energy running a large unit when a smaller version would offer sufficient interior cooling.

AC Replacement


Your home HVAC system will typically need an AC replacement anywhere from 10 to 25 years after it was initially installed. If your system is frequently undergoing expensive repairs but not responding to them, it may be time for a replacement. While parts break down from time to time, you shouldn’t regularly experience issues with replaced components becoming damaged again.


The lifespan of your HVAC system is largely influenced by how often and how well you maintain your unit. Seeking regular maintenance from trained technicians keeps you up to date on any new issues or inefficiencies. By monitoring your system’s progress and addressing minor repairs before they grow, you may extend your system’s lifespan by 30 percent.

Ductless Systems


As the most expensive AC installation, ductless systems also boast the most efficiency, since they don’t lose any energy to duct leaks. With that price also comes customization. Ductless systems allow you to tailor temperature control to specific rooms, to fit different family members' needs. This is especially useful in rooms like a newborn nursery, where a cool room is vital to the health of your newest family member.


Because they offer so many temperature control capabilities, ductless systems are especially helpful in attached garages. Since you can’t run ductwork in a garage, ductless systems provide cooling capabilities to one of the most humid parts of your home. This makes your main house HVAC more efficient because it isn’t being affected by warm air coming in from your garage.

Trust Southwest Heating and Cooling With Your AC Installation


Southwest Heating and Cooling has been serving the Colorado community with reliable HVAC services for nearly 50 years. We are committed to delivering the best heating, cooling, ventilation, and air quality services to all of our valued customers. With employees who come from the Littleton community, we understand our community’s HVAC needs.


We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of our systems and services to ensure you are happy when we are done with your AC installation or other services. With Preferred Customer Membership options, special discounts, and financing, we offer multiple avenues to help you cut costs and make your HVAC system installation more affordable.


Are you searching for AC installation services near Littleton, CO? Southwest Heating and Cooling is the HVAC contractor who brings knowledge, experience, and safety to all of our projects. Don’t hesitate to call us and book your new air conditioning installation or AC replacement today, at (720) 605-0899.

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