Six unique ways to help cut back on your energy bill this winter with Southwest Heating & Cooling!

During these winter months, you and your family are more than likely running your HVAC and furnace systems at full blast to keep your home in working order and your family safe and comfortable during the winter months. Because most people are running their furnaces and HVAC systems to stay warm, the energy bill during these times can go up substantially, which is not ideal for just trying to survive the winter. Here are some tips and tricks to help cut back on your monthly energy bills during the last month of winter. 

  • The first tip that can be done to help you save on your monthly energy bills and savings while still warming your home is to ensure all your curtains or blinds are open when the sun is out to help naturally heat your home without the constant use of your furnace during the winter. 
  • Another money-saving alternative that can be done is to have a smart thermostat installed in your home and connected to your already existing HVAC system. Owning a smart thermostat allows you to plan out and optimize when your furnace runs to ensure you are wasting as little energy and heat in your home. Some examples would be to have your thermostat reduce the overall temperature in the house when you and your family are sleeping. Another option is whenever you know no one is going to be home, you can reduce the thermostat until right before you arrive home. Using a smart thermostat to help plan out how your home is heated is an efficient way to help cut back on energy consumption and overall spending. 
  • Another tip to think of this winter is to check your doors and windows for any cracks or gaps to ensure that there is as little cold air as possible sneaking into your home and no heat is escaping. Weather strips are a great alternative to use on the doors and windows if you find cracks or crevices. 
  • Another great alternative to help you cut down on energy spending is to have your HVAC and furnace systems checked at least once per year. This helps to ensure that there are no potential issues with your current system and help protect and increase the overall lifetime of the system you have in place. On top of that, having a technician out servicing your products will also clean any dust or debris buildup that could reduce your system’s overall efficiency
  • An additional alternative to help you cut back on your energy bills is to ensure that your water heater’s temperature is set at (120°F) to help reduce energy costs since you wouldn’t have to heat the water to the standard temperature of (140°F). Doing this will not only keep you and your family comfortable during the winter, but it will allow you to save significantly on your monthly energy and heating bills.
  • A final option to help you save money this winter is to check your air vents to ensure that there is no furniture in the way that could be blocking the vents and affecting the overall distribution of warm air around your home. As well as it is essential to have your air vents cleaned at least once per year to ensure that no buildup of dust or debris could be negatively affecting the airflow in your home. Another great reason to get your air vents cleaned is to remove any allergens, pet dander, or bacteria in your air vents that could impact the indoor air quality that you and your family are living in their day-to-day lives.

These are just a few tips and tricks that you can use to help reduce your energy bill costs this winter, keep your home warm and cozy, and keep your family comfortable. Remember, every little bit helps, so start with what you can and gradually make changes over time to maximize your energy savings during these last winter months!

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